Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Traveling between Kamloops and Vancouver #BC

Having spent the last two weeks in Kamloops, working a desk job, and not updating this blog, here are the highlights of my trip:

1. Working in a kick-ass environment

There is nowhere as interesting as a counselling office. Amazing and lonely clients come in everyday and leave far better than they arrived. Your co-workers are people who dedicate their lives to helping others live theirs'. These guys are doing the right thing.

2. Experiencing winter

I never realized how much I missed the skin-crackingly dry cold of the Interior.  When I arrived it was warm (3 degrees Celsius), with little snow and lots of muddy brown.

Three days later, it was minus thirty-five degrees celsius with wind chill. The lakes were frozen through and it hurt to breath because it was so cold. Hooray for Inside Culture!     

3. Destroying a desk

 Anyone who drives a desk twenty hours week knows what I'm talking about. The next best thin

g to trashing a bug-ridden photocopier is unceremoniously destroying a reception desk.

4. Kicking it with family

Celebrated my Step-Niece's 8th birthday at Red Robin. I had a gore-met burger; she and her sister had pogos (corndogs). She got a couple Playmobiles and creepy plastic animal toys with big eyes. I sang her a helium "Happy Birthday".

5. Kicking it with family

The best thing about living a twenty minute drive from town is you are obliged to have a conversation and connection with your passenger. You have a captive audience for the entire ride, and if you're my father - it's your time to shine. In short, if you visit your parents, in the any rural part of your country, make sure you arrange your own transportation. 

6. Leaving

Some say the best thing coming out of Kamloops is the highway, but my hometown is far better than when I left. They have all the same services as Victoria, but they are still barely in the Web 1.0 world. Forget ordering food from a smartphone, it's a nightmare. You can't find a menu for a business that has no website, but there's lots of Yelp & Urbanspoon spam reviews to frustrate you while browsing. 

I caught an awesome drive to Vancouver from one of the smartest businessmen I have ever met, and four hours later I was in Richmond Centre Mall - one of the busiest places I have ever seen. No kidding, the entire population of Kamloops was in the Food Court of RCM. 

Vancouver was slowed down by eight inches of snow - people on the street were way friendlier than they are here in Victoria most days. My two best friends and I took a snow-skateboard out around the alleys and side streets near Jervis and Davies:

Panorama of 12th Floor Westend Vancouver on



Life is great when you're moving. Getting out of my pod was a great refresher, the future is looking good. 


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