Friday, March 25, 2011

CarrotMob descending on Fernwood Inn: March 28 #YYJ #business #sustainability via Village 900 Radio

Carrotmob Victoria is BACK! Based on popular demand, great success and an unbelievable turnout during last year’s breakthrough Wanna Waffle Carrotmob, the Commerce Students’ Society is putting a bit of a spin on the traditional Carrotmob framework. In the works are not one but two Carrotmob events. The first, Monday, March 28th, is a promotional event being held at The Fernwood Inn. This event is to get the public excited and informed about Carrotmob, and introduces our possible prospects for the BIG CARROTMOB in May.

What does this mean? For one day, hundreds of consumers will be heading down to The Fernwood Inn to buy, buy, buy! In return, the owners have pledged a base of 75% of that WHOLE DAY’s revenue, which will be increased in relation to how much we beat their average Monday sales, to be put towards making environmentally friendly improvements to their establishment. There will be entertainment, great food, drinks, prizes and contests. THE MOB IS BACK, AND WITH YOUR HELP, IT WILL BE BIGGER THAN EVER!

WHAT: Carrotmob kickoff event.

WHERE: The Fernwood Inn: 1302 Gladstone Avenue Victoria, BC

WHEN: Monday, March 28th 2010 6:00PM-10:00PM

WHY: To demonstrate to the business community that there is a market for socially and ecologically responsible business.

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