Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day Post & Free Gift: The Easiest Way for a Son to Make His Dad Happy


Father's Day is this weekend, and there is a quote form Kyle Beachy's book: the Slide, which is sums up the easiest way to make a Dad happy:

I want you to promise me one thing, Potter. No matter what happens, where any of this leads us. Promise to call me on the telephone. A father derives something huge and uplifting from a phone call from his son. You and I don't speak on the telephone often. We never have. But I can't stress enough, every single phone call will make me happy. I promise to be happy to hear from you, wherever you are, until the day I die. This is a promise I can make with the straightest of faces. Because the love I have for you eclipses anything you can fathom at your age.

The Slide is a fantastic book, one I have gone back to a number of times. Beachy writes with the emotion of Haruki Murakami, and the realistic voice of contemporary writers like Chad Kultgen.

We're all lucky to have more options for communicating with our loved ones than ever before. My Dad is the most loyal reader of my blog, and we have conversations via email all the time. However, when I call and hear the happiness in his voice over the telephone - that is a sound that cannot be convied over text.

Before the Slide was released, Beachy realeased a print and fold mini-book on called So Little Impression


Follow the link to go download and print a free copy for the Dad in your life:

Here's a tie-in to Serengeti Appreciation Year: I was introduced to this author by numerous mentions in a "rap" album by Serengeti called, Noodle Arm Whimsy.

"I may be a writer, but I'm no Kyle Beachy" - Serengeti

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P.S. Hi Dad!

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