Friday, December 09, 2011

How To: Rock a Trade Show. Lessons Learned since Tectoria 2011

Tectoria 2011 was a blast. We estimated there were over 2,000 teenagers from highschools all over Vancouver Island who stopped by our conference booth to enter our giveaway of two prize pack of iPhone accessories. There were at least three of team from north Studio and Q College at the booth from 9:00AM to 6:00PM . We gave out over $400 worth of candy, and got over 1000 entries into our giveaway.

While this may seem to be a successful strategy, there's a decent chance less than ten percent of those who entered our draw even knew what we were selling or who we were representing.

"A handful of candy for writing my name down on a piece of paper and taking a pamphlet. Sure!"

Two of the cardinal rules for tradeshow success are: a) avoid gimmicks and b) have a clear objective. We broke both. Gadgets wrapped in shiny plastic with ribbons, candy, and no other objective than to hand out pamphlets and drive traffic to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Why is that so wrong? Because you can't buy a website or pay for your tuition on Facebook or Twitter. Although there was someone from administration there who was making arrangements for appointments there was nowhere for the prospects to actually sign up or buy. Funny, seeing how we paid for the booth and were there to increase enrollment for the next intake at Q College and sell websites.


I've been to tradeshow and conference training courses before (yeah, they exist), and tried some of the "con-hacks" like extra padding for the floor space; setting the table at the back of the booth, to draw people in, and limiting the amount of handouts in order to keep conversations going to seal a sale or a schedule a follow up appointment. All valid ideas. Useless... unless the design is in place for a sale to be made or a deposit be taken.

Out of all of the training and tips out there, THE most important thing to know about trade show displays, strategy and tactics, is to be prepared to make a sale, and have that sale be seen by others. Just like the one kid walking by and seeing the candy or the prizes, and then running to get their friends - If we had the facilities in place to register, and we may have been able to fill the computer and web design school for years to come.

There's a lot more tips and lessons, from Chad Leiffert and Bob Albright, such as, "how to: make people feel at home in your trade show booth" and "why you should avoid the color blue in your booth at all costs". Read what I wish had the day before yesterday here:


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Leaf Pile

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo: Floods Ground Planes in Bangkok

Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

Airplanes sat idle on a flooded tarmac at Don Muang airport in Bangkok on Wednesday.

A friend of mine is in Thailand, North of Bangkok, filming an elephant being born. Expecting her back this week, but there may be a delay.

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55 Examples of Beautifully Integrated Social Media Links in Web Design | Inspiration

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Know what's Fantastic? The Search Engine Interview with Tim Berners Lee - Thanks @Jessebrown

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee, talks with Jesse about the future of data.

And, he asks a really tough question.

Subscribe to Search Engine at:

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault - Anil Dash

If you run a website, you need to follow these steps. if you don't, you're making the web, and the world, a worse place. And it's your fault. Put another way, take some goddamn responsibility for what you unleash on the world.

How many times have you seen a website say "We're not responsible for the content of our comments."? I know that when you webmasters put that up on your sites, you're trying to address your legal obligation. Well, let me tell you about your moral obligation: Hell yes, you are responsible. You absolutely are. When people are saying ruinously cruel things about each other, and you're the person who made it possible, it's 100% your fault. If you aren't willing to be a grown-up about that, then that's okay, but you're not ready to have a web business. Businesses that run cruise ships have to buy life preservers. Companies that sell alcohol have to keep it away from kids. And people who make communities on the web have to moderate them.

Five tips for making the world a better place:

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Did You Learn How to Debate On the Internet?


Dilbert is the only part of the "Business Section" I claim to understand.

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Love Turtles? Who Doesn't?

This bookmark was uncovered while reducing my paper records to 25% in a spring clean.

Think it's from Gr. 1, back when I was a brianless zombie moron:

This video always cheers me up. Thanks Tosh.0:

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day Post & Free Gift: The Easiest Way for a Son to Make His Dad Happy


Father's Day is this weekend, and there is a quote form Kyle Beachy's book: the Slide, which is sums up the easiest way to make a Dad happy:

I want you to promise me one thing, Potter. No matter what happens, where any of this leads us. Promise to call me on the telephone. A father derives something huge and uplifting from a phone call from his son. You and I don't speak on the telephone often. We never have. But I can't stress enough, every single phone call will make me happy. I promise to be happy to hear from you, wherever you are, until the day I die. This is a promise I can make with the straightest of faces. Because the love I have for you eclipses anything you can fathom at your age.

The Slide is a fantastic book, one I have gone back to a number of times. Beachy writes with the emotion of Haruki Murakami, and the realistic voice of contemporary writers like Chad Kultgen.

We're all lucky to have more options for communicating with our loved ones than ever before. My Dad is the most loyal reader of my blog, and we have conversations via email all the time. However, when I call and hear the happiness in his voice over the telephone - that is a sound that cannot be convied over text.

Before the Slide was released, Beachy realeased a print and fold mini-book on called So Little Impression


Follow the link to go download and print a free copy for the Dad in your life:

Here's a tie-in to Serengeti Appreciation Year: I was introduced to this author by numerous mentions in a "rap" album by Serengeti called, Noodle Arm Whimsy.

"I may be a writer, but I'm no Kyle Beachy" - Serengeti

Thanks for reading and sharing,


P.S. Hi Dad!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[Music] Don't Listen to Saturday Night by Friday Night #SAY

"If you want to annoy a poet, explain his poetry" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The only explanation I'll make about Friday Night's album: Saturday Night is: Don't buy it.

Don't buy it or listen to it on this jump, unless you've listened to Friday Night's first album: Friday Night (not the free remixed album, cheap-o). It's part two of a story. You won't understand the intro to the first track, and you'll hate the whole album.  Which would be a shame, because of the fantastic tracks like Jaqui and The Longest Wave . 

I love people who consider context overtone.

Soon see,

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Jordache Look pt. 2


Favorite Photo Ever!

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The Jordache Look


Some fashions never go out of style.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

CarrotMob descending on Fernwood Inn: March 28 #YYJ #business #sustainability via Village 900 Radio

Carrotmob Victoria is BACK! Based on popular demand, great success and an unbelievable turnout during last year’s breakthrough Wanna Waffle Carrotmob, the Commerce Students’ Society is putting a bit of a spin on the traditional Carrotmob framework. In the works are not one but two Carrotmob events. The first, Monday, March 28th, is a promotional event being held at The Fernwood Inn. This event is to get the public excited and informed about Carrotmob, and introduces our possible prospects for the BIG CARROTMOB in May.

What does this mean? For one day, hundreds of consumers will be heading down to The Fernwood Inn to buy, buy, buy! In return, the owners have pledged a base of 75% of that WHOLE DAY’s revenue, which will be increased in relation to how much we beat their average Monday sales, to be put towards making environmentally friendly improvements to their establishment. There will be entertainment, great food, drinks, prizes and contests. THE MOB IS BACK, AND WITH YOUR HELP, IT WILL BE BIGGER THAN EVER!

WHAT: Carrotmob kickoff event.

WHERE: The Fernwood Inn: 1302 Gladstone Avenue Victoria, BC

WHEN: Monday, March 28th 2010 6:00PM-10:00PM

WHY: To demonstrate to the business community that there is a market for socially and ecologically responsible business.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Do Most Memes Suck So Hard? #SAY

Hey all,
                It's been a couple of weeks, how have you been? Yesterday was my first day as a teacher's assistant for the Digital Communications course for the BA Professional Communications at Royal Roads University.

Yesterday in class, we were talking about viral videos -  and why most memes suck so hard. We spent the majority of the day discussing aggregation, curation, and how to find the signal in the noise of all the data on the Internet. However, what happens when you follow the recommendations of evaluating all the posts that Postrank over 5 in your Google Reader - you lose touch with the grassroots of what people are actually talking about, or actually listening to. 

The example we were following was of Rebecca Black. I thought this was the woman who was complaining about people talking in the library, but it turns out Black is attributed to a terrible song everyone is in love with - with over 35 million views on youtube.

Let me explain the "meme to 'relevant' rating level" with two examples:

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Official Video

I can't stand this song, and I hope you find it offensive on more than just an intellectual level. Regardless, this video has over 171.5 million views on youtube.

Here is a video with six thousand views:

"Flutes" by Serengeti. Video by A.M. OVERTONE

I'm not complaining, not a bit; however, what we learn about these two examples is that you can reach a far more general audience with appeals to sex, food, and fear, but if you want to share an intimate - intellectual or emotional - moment with your audience, above the common denominator: be prepared to be confused with your content and receive far less attention.    

Keeping it real can go very wrong; but, soul-less songs, from sun-glassed stars, are simply forgettable. Emotions are everything -regardless of who recommends your music.

Thanks for reading, and if you comment - we can talk!

Jordan Keats

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Traveling between Kamloops and Vancouver #BC

Having spent the last two weeks in Kamloops, working a desk job, and not updating this blog, here are the highlights of my trip:

1. Working in a kick-ass environment

There is nowhere as interesting as a counselling office. Amazing and lonely clients come in everyday and leave far better than they arrived. Your co-workers are people who dedicate their lives to helping others live theirs'. These guys are doing the right thing.

2. Experiencing winter

I never realized how much I missed the skin-crackingly dry cold of the Interior.  When I arrived it was warm (3 degrees Celsius), with little snow and lots of muddy brown.

Three days later, it was minus thirty-five degrees celsius with wind chill. The lakes were frozen through and it hurt to breath because it was so cold. Hooray for Inside Culture!     

3. Destroying a desk

 Anyone who drives a desk twenty hours week knows what I'm talking about. The next best thin

g to trashing a bug-ridden photocopier is unceremoniously destroying a reception desk.

4. Kicking it with family

Celebrated my Step-Niece's 8th birthday at Red Robin. I had a gore-met burger; she and her sister had pogos (corndogs). She got a couple Playmobiles and creepy plastic animal toys with big eyes. I sang her a helium "Happy Birthday".

5. Kicking it with family

The best thing about living a twenty minute drive from town is you are obliged to have a conversation and connection with your passenger. You have a captive audience for the entire ride, and if you're my father - it's your time to shine. In short, if you visit your parents, in the any rural part of your country, make sure you arrange your own transportation. 

6. Leaving

Some say the best thing coming out of Kamloops is the highway, but my hometown is far better than when I left. They have all the same services as Victoria, but they are still barely in the Web 1.0 world. Forget ordering food from a smartphone, it's a nightmare. You can't find a menu for a business that has no website, but there's lots of Yelp & Urbanspoon spam reviews to frustrate you while browsing. 

I caught an awesome drive to Vancouver from one of the smartest businessmen I have ever met, and four hours later I was in Richmond Centre Mall - one of the busiest places I have ever seen. No kidding, the entire population of Kamloops was in the Food Court of RCM. 

Vancouver was slowed down by eight inches of snow - people on the street were way friendlier than they are here in Victoria most days. My two best friends and I took a snow-skateboard out around the alleys and side streets near Jervis and Davies:

Panorama of 12th Floor Westend Vancouver on



Life is great when you're moving. Getting out of my pod was a great refresher, the future is looking good. 


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Colossal ROI for Using Twitter

Alexander Florov - Sketch of Colossus from the #X-Men

Thanks for the request via Twitter, Alex. This is a great portrayal of the warrior/ poet character of Colossus. He looks like he could destroy everything in his path, yet human enough to create art too. Great job.


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night Fever - Serengeti Appreciation Year #SAY

In 2008, Breakfast Records released the album Friday Night, by the band Friday Night. The songs on Friday Night tell a wild story of a wild night, and the rise and fall of the characters of Dave and Umar.  Friday Night could be compared to the Streets' album: A Grand Don't Come For Free or Prince Paul's: Prince Among Thieves; however, to compare this album with any previous record would be doing a disservice to the originality of Friday Night.

It's no big secret Serengeti is a fan of "A Grand Don't Come For Free". His song, Puppydog Love, from the album Don't Give Up, shares the first line with the Streets' song "Could Well Be In", and has the F word in it, but the two songs are much different. There are so many great songs by Geti beginning with a curse word, like "I Don't Know", and no radio edits. Here's to hoping people can see through the swears and notice these awesome songs, but I digress.  

Friday Night tells the tongue-in-cheek story of Dave & Umar, as they embark on an ironic journey of consumption, arrogance, and luck. It's an exaggerated tale of American life and overindulgence. These guys do it up real big: Canadian Club Whiskey, transvestites, and overdoses. The Friday Night, is Serengeti, Hi-Fidel, Grilla & Ish. Grilla and Ish are the producers behind Breakfast Records.

Consider the irony and cultural critique while listening. Need I say more?

"You know all that shitty drug, money and sex-saturated radio and party Rap everybody likes so much? Well, Serengeti and Hi-Fidel made an album making fun of it and managed not only do it better than all the chumps on the radio, but make the shit sound good in the process. Oh, and they made the whole album a continuous story that's actually linear and compelling."
                                                            - Imageyenation's Best of 2008 A-Z

Buy & Listen to Friday Night here:

Then check out the the Friday Night Remix album for free here:

And wait for my post about Saturday Night in the coming weeks, here's a preview: I like it.

Thanks for reading,


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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Top 11: Cats & Saxophones.

The strange attraction between cats and saxophones has been well documented throughout history. Did you know that ancient Egyptians considered both cats and saxophones as gods? Probably not, because I just made that fact up. Regardless, enjoy these pictures of well-fed, vaccinated, super predators and their favourite instrument: the Straight Pipe, a.k.a the Goofus.

Cats love Saxophone Cases too:

Still curious as a cat? Looking for more interesting material to put your head into? Check out Ken Burns' documentary: Jazz. It covers a hundred years of American jazz music, and is a must watch for any musician or music lover. Here's a few samples:

Duke Ellington Dreaming:

Wynton Marcalis on Why Jazz is Great:

Here's the Intro:

If you're still looking for entertainment, why not explore some other posts on this site. I'm quite proud of this one: The Lost Art of Television Watching

One final note, I'm putting together a links page for this site. If you know of a cool site to add to that list, or would like your page there, add it in the comment section of this post.

Welcome to 2011, I hope you have a great year. Thanks for reading, sharing, and subscribing,


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