Thursday, January 06, 2011

Top 11: Cats & Saxophones.

The strange attraction between cats and saxophones has been well documented throughout history. Did you know that ancient Egyptians considered both cats and saxophones as gods? Probably not, because I just made that fact up. Regardless, enjoy these pictures of well-fed, vaccinated, super predators and their favourite instrument: the Straight Pipe, a.k.a the Goofus.

Cats love Saxophone Cases too:

Still curious as a cat? Looking for more interesting material to put your head into? Check out Ken Burns' documentary: Jazz. It covers a hundred years of American jazz music, and is a must watch for any musician or music lover. Here's a few samples:

Duke Ellington Dreaming:

Wynton Marcalis on Why Jazz is Great:

Here's the Intro:

If you're still looking for entertainment, why not explore some other posts on this site. I'm quite proud of this one: The Lost Art of Television Watching

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