Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best Independent Technology Journalist of 2010: @JesseBrown of TVO's Search Engine

Sick of: 

Social Media Gurus?

Futurists drooling for the peaceful arrival of singularity?

Newspapers crying over losing control over our stories?

Well, @JesseBrown is none of the above. The show he hosts, TVO's Search Engine, will help you to understand technology and the culture of the Internet. Jesse Brown & Rick Nye are independent Canadian journalists who are discussing global questions about technology, copyright, and privacy. A few of Search Engine's featured guests are:  Anthony Marco, @anthonymarco, a high school teacher and podcaster from Hamilton (Episode 63); Michael Geist, University of Ottawa Law Professor, and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, @mgeist, (Episode 66); and Chris Parsons, a political science, privacy and surveillance expert, from the University of Victoria, @caparsons.

Search Engine's last eighty episodes are available through TVO podcasts, and Search Engine is still in the Top Ten Downloads at (but we don't link to them). 

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